Research Highlights

We estimate global wheat losses over the past 50 years absent investments in research to limit impacts of stem rust and discuss how this can inform decisions about “right-sizing” research investments.

This tool visualizes the long-term gridded monthly precipitation and Palmer Drought Severity Index time series for sub-Saharan Africa summarized across districts (level-2 administrative boundaries bas

Authors use crop and impact models to examine which current and potential agricultural technologies offer solutions to fight hunger.

The purpose of this series of country briefs is to provide a comprehensive and standardized view of agricultural characteristics integrat- ed with socioeconomic variables across countries.

Range of maps showing accessibility to markets in sub-Saharan Africa.

This technical note describes the methods and data sources used to generate the results reported in: Pardey et al. (2013).

Cover Atlas of African Ag

The Atlas of African Agriculture Research & Development presents a broad range of geospatial data that relate to strategic agriculture policy, investment, and planning issues.

AJARE Oct 2014 Cover

The notion that global agricultural output needs to double by 2050 is oft repeated.



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