HarvestChoice generates knowledge products to help guide strategic investments to improve the well-being of poor people in sub-Saharan Africa through more productive and profitable farming.

To do this, a novel and spatially explicit evaluation framework is being developed and deployed. By design, primary knowledge products are currently targeted to the needs of investors, policymakers and program managers, as well as the analysts and technical specialists who support them. Most decisions that HarvestChoice targets are those having implications that cut across country boundaries.

Key Questions …

  • Where are the poor and what is their welfare status?
  • On what farming systems do the poor most depend?
  • What are the constraints affecting the productivity and market integration of those farming systems?
  • What present or prospective investments in technologies and practices might best address those constraints?
  • And what will be the benefits of investment on productivity, income and ultimately, the reduction of poverty and hunger? How will those benefits be distributed?

Our Products

What are our "knowledge products"? Maps, datasets, working papers, presentations, spatial and economic models to help improve the food supply of the world's poor. Check out our data, publications and maps, as well as our Intellectual Property Policy statement.

Our People

The HarvestChoice team is spread across the U.S. and across the globe, with the array of specialties it takes to meet our challenge. Meet the economists, crop modelers, spatial geographers and others behind our unique approach.

Our Tools

HarvestChoice's online tools give you the immediate power to explore data and create maps to suit your own curiosity or policy question.

Our Partners

HarvestChoice's work would not be possible without supporters, collaborators and colleagues whose contributions of various kinds are essential to what we do.