The HarvestChoice focus on combining economics with spatial and other analysis means we are exploring and defining a number of multidisciplinary fields that don't neatly fit into our other categories of work.

Targeting/Priority Setting pulls together the many pieces of our collected knowledge and applies them directly to our ultimate goal: making smarter investments in agriculture. You will also find us formulating prescriptions and policy recommendations on our blog.

Risk examines the role of uncertainty for small-holder farmers and for agriculture more generally. HarvestChoice is deeply concerned with how risk -- particularly production risk -- affects farmers who struggle to produce enough for subsistence often without the benefit of modern equipment, chemicals, and know-how.

Research Policy encompasses our work and advocacy with regard to investment in agricultural R&D in the developed and developing world. Through our partnerships and independent work, HarvestChoice monitors global patterns of investment and innovation, helping to understand what breakthroughs and challenges may lie ahead.

Survey/Census Archive relates to our previous and ongoing work to "rescue" and digitize agricultural data from sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the world. Here you will find the collective efforts of our African Agricultural Data Rescue Initiative (AADRI).