HarvestChoice assembles and generates data that define our highly dissaggregated perspective on the context, distribution, structure and performance of agricultural production. We focus on the agricultural activities of smallholder farm households in sub-Saharan Africa.

There are five core clusters of production-related data:

• Biophysical indicators. Production systems have evolved within their biophysical context and many technological interventions are often tailored within this context. These data layers also allow us to explore the linkages between agricultural and other ecosystem services ( e.g., water).
• Production systems. We strive to represent specific production systems that have evolved within each biophysical domain in response to food demand, market access, and technological opportunities amongst other factors.
• Market data. Market data is almost entirely structured by commodity (production and price, value of production, inputs, trade).
• Abiotic and biotic constraints. Many innovations and interventions are targeted to mitigate specific production constraints, both abiotic (e.g., drought and soil quality) and biotic (pests, diseases and weeds).
• Production risks. Biophysical constraints either alone or in combination with other production threats or uncertainties result in production risk.