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Tool Type: 
Interactive data query
Publication Date: 
December, 2013
Funding Agency: 
US Agency for International Development
Primary Contact: 
Jawoo Koo
Lowest Geographic Unit: 
30 arc-second gridcell


Every technology comes with a suite of requirements dictating where it performs best (e.g., temperature, rainfall, elevation, slope, market accessibility, and linkage to other socioeconomic factors such as household income, gender, and education). By overlaying grid-based geospatial data layers, this tool helps users select refined areas in the target country/region that meet the user-defined criteria and thus have more potential for scalable impact.


HarvestChoice, 2013. "Geospatial Targeting - Ghana." International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington, DC., and University of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN. Available online at

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For offline use, download the Tableau Workbook and use with Tableau Reader (free), downloadable from

Keywords: Africa, Cassava, Climate, Crop Production, Ghana, Maize, Market Access, Population, Population Density, Rainfall, Rice, Soils, Soybeans, Sub-Saharan Africa, Time of Travel, Weather
Geographic Coverage: West Africa, Ghana
Format/Platform: Tableau Dashboard