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Schnitzer, Pascale; Azzarri, Carlo
HarvestChoice/International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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March 2014
Working Paper
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Washington, DC


The purpose of this series of country briefs is to provide a comprehensive and standardized view of agricultural characteristics, integrat- ed with socio-economic variables across countries. In the Tanzania Agricultural Snapshot, we illustrate the state of agriculture in Tanzania with reference to both household characteristics and the national context. In particular, this brief includes information on household composition, income, education, households’ engagement in agriculture, including the use of land and agricultural inputs, as well as crop and livestock production, and the nutritional status of children. Graphs and tables within this brief are generated using data from the Tanzania Agriculture Sample Census (AGRSC) 2007/2008 and the Tanzania Household Budget Survey (HBS) 2007. The 2007/2008 AGRSC survey collected detailed data on crop production, crop marketing, crop storage, livestock production, fish farming, and poverty indicators. Large scale farms were fully covered while the small scale farms were covered on a sample basis, providing data that can be disaggregated at the district level. The dataset includes a total sample of 52,635 rural agricultural households. The HBS survey contains detailed information on consumption and expenditures, across 447 clusters and 10,466 households. It was designed to provide estimates for Mainland Tanzania, disaggregated by the Dar es Salaam region, and other urban and rural areas.


Schnitzer, Pascale; Azzarri, Carlo (2014) "Tanzania Agricultural Snapshot 2007/08," Working Paper, HarvestChoice/International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) .

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Primary Contact: Cindy Cox
Geographic Coverage: Tanzania, East & Central Africa
Keywords: Africa, Agricultural Households, Agricultural Production, Farm Inputs, Farming Systems, Households, Livestock, Nutrition, Population, Tanzania