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Publication Type: 
Survey Report
Statistics South Africa
Publication Year: 
Report 11-02-03 (2007)
Publication Place: 
Pretoria, South Africa


This census survey for Eastern Cape Province, South Africa includes information on area planted, production and gross farming for field crops and horticulture. It also includes information on animals and animal products.



  • Field Crops, Horticulture: Area Planted, Production and Gross Farming Income;
  • Livestock: Sold and Gross Farming Income;
  • Animal Products: Quantity Sold and Gross Farming Income;
  • Livestock on Farm

Crops: Maize for Grain, Wheat, Lucerne, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Oranges, Lemons, Naartjies, Pineapples

Livestock and Animal Products: Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Pigs, Game, Ostriches, Chickens, Milk and Cream, Wool, Mohair, Eggs

Districts: Aberdeen, Adelaide, Albany, Albert, Alexandria, Aliwal North, Barkly East, Bedford, Cradock, East London, Elliot, Graaff-Reinet, Hankey, Hofmeyr, Humansdorp, Indwe, Joubertina, Lady Grey, Maclear, Middelburg, Molteno, Queenstown, Somerset East, Steynsburg, Steytlerville, Stutterheim, Tarka, Uitenhage, Umtata, Victoria East, Wodehouse


(2011) "[South Africa] Census of Commercial Agriculture, 2007, Eastern Cape: Provincial Statistics for Selected Products," Report 11-02-03 (2007), Statistics South Africa.

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Geographic Coverage: South Africa, Southern Africa
Keywords: Africa, Agricultural Census, Agricultural Statistics, Census, Crop Area, Crop Production, Data Rescue, Eastern Cape (South Africa), Farm Income, Household Surveys, Livestock Production, South Africa, Southern Africa