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Pardey, Philip G.; Alston, Julian M.; Chan-Kang, Connie
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April 2013
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Washington DC


The report shows how public funding for agricultural research and development (R&D) has declined markedly in recent decades. As the authors note, major competitors—most notably China—have not reduced their spending on agricultural R&D, and their agricultural productivity growth continues. The authors call for a doubling of total funding for agricultural R&D over the next 5–10 years. They cite this period as a crucial time to reposition the U.S. food and agricultural research and innovation system to address the changing scientific and market realities, and note the related implications for food safety, nutrition, health, the agricultural workforce, and rural and community development.


Pardey, Philip G.; Alston, Julian M.; Chan-Kang, Connie (2013) "Public Food and Agricultural Research in the United States: The Rise and Decline of Public Investments, and Policies for Renewal," AGree.

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Primary Contact: Philip Pardey
Keywords: Agricultural Productivity, Agricultural Research, Agricultural Research Investment, Agricultural Research Policy, United States