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Roberts, Cleophelia; Azzarri, Carlo
HarvestChoice/International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
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March 2014
Working Paper
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Washington, DC


The purpose of this series of country briefs is to provide a comprehensive and standardized view of agricultural characteristics inte- grated with socioeconomic variables across countries. In the Malawi Agricultural Snapshot, we illustrate the state of agriculture in Ma- lawi with reference to both household characteristics and the national context. Graphs and tables are generated using data from the Malawi Second Integrated Household Survey (IHS-2) 2004-2005. Income and expenditure variables, including expenditure deciles and income shares, are based on the expenditure and income aggregates constructed by Harvest Choice and the Rural Income Generating Activities (RIGA) team at FAO.
The Government of Malawi conducted the IHS-2 over a twelve-month period in 2004 and 2005. Whereas IHS-1 in 1997/1998 relied on monthly diaries kept by respondents, IHS-2 included enumerator-administered questions to capture information about expenditures. Two-stage stratified sampling from the 1998 census was used to select the sample for the IHS-2. The sample is divided into three re- gions: north, center, and south, and further divided into rural and urban areas. The urban strata include the major metropolitan areas. Within the rural stratum, the sample is further divided into sub-strata based on 26 districts of Malawi (Likoma District is excluded). Just as each district was considered a separate sub-stratum of the rural stratum, each of the four metropolitan areas was considered its own sub-stratum of the urban stratum. Therefore, the sample includes thirty total strata: four urban centers and 26 rural districts. In the first stage of sampling the sampling unit, 564 enumeration areas (EAs) were selected within each stratum based on probability proportional to size from the 1998 census. The second stage of sampling involved the random selection of 20 households within each EA.


Roberts, Cleophelia; Azzarri, Carlo (2014) "Malawi Agricultural Snapshot 2004/5," Working Paper, HarvestChoice/International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) .

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Primary Contact: Cindy Cox
Geographic Coverage: Malawi, Southern Africa
Keywords: Africa, Agricultural Households, Agricultural Production, Farm Inputs, Farming Systems, Fertilizers, Income, Livestock, Malawi, Nutrition, Population