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Journal Article
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Randela, R.; Liebenberg, G.F.; Kirsten, J.F.; Townsend, R.F.
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December 2000
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This article analyses factors influencing farmers’ willingness-to-pay for dipping services, as well as the revealed preference for dipping frequency using the multivariate and the logistic regression models. The study is based on a cross sectional survey of 125 smallscale cattle farmers interviewed in the Venda region of the Northern Province. Empirical multivariate and the logistic regression analysis show that liquidity, human resource, satisfaction with the programme and structure of production significantly influences farmers’ willingness-to-pay. However, the most important factor influencing both the willingness-to-pay and the dipping frequency is liquidity (employment). The results of this study have important implications for the delivery of veterinary services particularly in developing regions.


Randela, R.; Liebenberg, G.F.; Kirsten, J.F.; Townsend, R.F. (2000) "Demand for Livestock Tick Control Service in the Venda Region, Northern Province," Agrekon, vol. 39, 4.

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Primary Contact: Frikkie Liebenberg
Geographic Coverage: South Africa, Southern Africa
Keywords: Africa, Livestock, Pest Management, South Africa, Southern Africa