Profitability Calculator

Profitability Calculator

Tool Type: Model
Publication Date: March, 2012

Based on gridcell-level estimates of wheat yields, and response to nutrient application, together with gridcell-specific estimates of fertilizer and wheat prices, this spreadsheet model assesses the profitability of fertilizer application in Ethiopia.

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Crop Response Tool

Tool Type: Interactive data query
Publication Date: January, 2012

This is a selection of management input scenarios and simulated crop responses for maize, rice, sorghum, wheat, groundnut, soybean, bean, cassava, potato, and yams.

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DSSAT Crop Simulation Results (Cultivar, Planting Month, Fertilizer Treatments)

Tool Type: Droppr
Publication Date: January, 2009

This tool supports user access of the HarvestChoice crop modeling results database for specific locations. Droppr returns a graphical display of the mean monthly rainfall for the selected location and allows the user to query the crop modeling results for specific baseline and improved (with intervention) production system scenarios.