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Geospatial Targeting - SAGCOT Corridor in Tanzania

Tool Type: Interactive data query
Publication Date: November, 2014

This tool helps users to identify specific sites within the SAGCOT (Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania) area where new irrigation investments should target at 10 km spatial resolution.

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Visualize HarvestChoice Indicators: MAPPR

Tool Type: Interactive map query
Publication Date: February, 2012

MAPPR provides easy access to over 300 layers of spatially-explicit data for sub-Saharan Africa. Use MAPPR to “drill through” and extract information from fine-resolution data layers (each layer holds ~300,000 10km x 10km grid cells covering the sub-Saharan African region).

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Climex/Dymex Pest/Disease Modeling (HarvestChoice Modifications)

Tool Type: Model
Publication Date: January, 2010

CLIMEX is a software program (written in DYMEX) that estimates the potential geographical distribution and seasonal abundance of a plant pest/disease in relation to climate. HarvestChoice has invested in the extension of the CLIMEX package to deal with climate time series rather than average climate conditions.