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Region Dashboard

Tool Type: Interactive data query
Publication Date: January, 2011

HarvestChoice region dashboard provides a one-page view of national time-series and sub-national statistics for 52 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

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Regional Groupings

Tool Type: Interactive map query
Publication Date: January, 2007

Many of HarvestChoice's spatial analyses are done using raster datasets at various spatial resolutions (e.g., 1 km, 10 km, or 50 km grids). However, it is often more convenient and easily conceivable to aggregate the granular results at a more easily recognizable level using commonly-used administrative units.

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DREAM (Dynamic Research Evaluation for Management 3.1)

Tool Type: Model
Publication Date: January, 1995
DREAM is a partial equilibrium, single commodity, multi-region, economic surplus model for assessing the potential economic benefits of technology diffusion and adoption (including technology spillover).