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Tabulate HarvestChoice Indicators: TABLR

Tool Type: Interactive data query
Publication Date: May, 2013

HarvestChoice Tablr is an interactive data query tool similar to FAOSTAT and to the World Bank on-line table-generators. Tablr provides direct access to over 300 biophysical and socio-economic indicators for sub-Saharan Africa categorized by theme.

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Domain Reporter

Tool Type: Interactive data query
Publication Date: January, 2012

Browse and download HarvestChoice spatial data layers for sub-Saharan Africa. Statistics are shown for all countries and level-1 administrative units.

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NASA-Power Daily Time Series

Tool Type: Droppr
Publication Date: January, 2009

Drag and drop the Droppr on any location in SSA to return historical monthly averages on rainfall, max and min temperatures. The NASA-Power dataset contains daily climatelogical data from July 1983 through present for some variables.