Cover Rao Thesis

Essays on Agricultural Production, Risk, and Productivity

Publication Date: February, 2015

This dissertation takes two different research perspectives to address the central theme of agricultural production and productivity.

Cover World Food Futures to 2050

World Food Futures to 2050

Publication Date: November, 2014

Sustainably feeding the world’s still growing, increasingly richer, more urbanized and overall (but not equally, everywhere) ageing population during the decades ahead will still be a tall order. These projections indicate the task is doable, but by no means is complacency in order.

AJARE Oct 2014 Cover

A Bounds Analysis of World Food Futures: Global Agriculture Through to 2050

Publication Date: October, 2014

The notion that global agricultural output needs to double by 2050 is oft repeated.

South African Agricultural Productivity and Investment Patterns

Publication Date: January, 2012

This chapter reassesses agricultural productivity growth in South Africa. It finds that the statistical reporting of South African agriculture was heavily influenced by the country's past racial policies.

Agricultural Productivity in China

Publication Date: January, 2010

The overarching goal of this chapter is to provide a better understanding of input, output, and productivity trends in China’s agricultural sector during the reform era that began in the late 1970s, with an emphasis on the period 1990-2004.

Agricultural Productivity in the United Kingdom

Publication Date: January, 2010

This chapter first gives a very brief account of the main policy changes in the United Kingdom that have affected agricultural productivity since the Second World War.

Shifting Patterns of Agricultural Production and Productivity in the Former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe

Publication Date: January, 2010

In this chapter we first analyze the evolution of agricultural output in the different Central and Eastern European countries and Former Soviet Union republics over the past two decades (Section 2). Then we consider changes in input use (Section 3) and, by combining the information on changes in output and input use, we discuss the evolution of agricultural productivity.

Shifting Patterns of Agricultural Production and Productivity in the United States

Publication Date: January, 2010

In this chapter we examine trends and major structural changes in input use and the resulting changes in agricultural outputs and productivity in the United States over the past 100 years. Our detailed analysis emphasizes the years since the Second World War and gives attention to the spatial patterns of changes in agricultural input use, outputs, and productivity that are concealed by consideration of the aggregate national data alone.

South African Agricultural Production and Productivity Patterns

Publication Date: January, 2010

Here we document and discuss developments regarding aggregate input, output, and productivity developments within South Africa. To do so we draw on an entirely new set of production data stretching back to 1910/11 reported in Liebenberg 2010, as well as related evidence reported by other studies for South Africa and other countries within subSaharan Africa.

The Changing Landscape of Global Agriculture

Publication Date: January, 2010

As we do in this chapter, giving more explicit attention to the spatial dimensions of agriculture and how they change over time deepens our understanding of the production and productivity performance and potential of this sector.