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Cover World Food Futures to 2050

World Food Futures to 2050

Publication Date: November, 2014

Sustainably feeding the world’s still growing, increasingly richer, more urbanized and overall (but not equally, everywhere) ageing population during the decades ahead will still be a tall order. These projections indicate the task is doable, but by no means is complacency in order.

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AJARE Oct 2014 Cover

A Bounds Analysis of World Food Futures: Global Agriculture Through to 2050

Publication Date: October, 2014

The notion that global agricultural output needs to double by 2050 is oft repeated.

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Projecting Agriculture and Agricultural R&D Potentials

Publication Date: January, 2010

In this chapter we use market and spatial evidence in conjunction with a multi-market equilibrium displacement model to assess the potential economic benefits arising from research-induced improvements in the local and spillover productivity performance of important agricultural commodities in LAC.

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Priorities for Realizing the Potential to Increase Agricultural Productivity and Growth in Western and Central Africa

Publication Date: August, 2009

We identify a set of development priorities for agriculture that cut across West Africa, at both the country and the regional level, to achieve economy-wide growth goals in the region.

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A Crop Model Cross Calibration for Use in Regional Climate Impacts Studies

Publication Date: May, 2008

This study examines the performance of CERES-Rice at the regional scale across China using a cross calibration process based on limited experiment data, agroecological zones (AEZ) and 50 km × 50 km grid scale geographical database.