Agricultural Productivity in China

Publication Date: January, 2010

The overarching goal of this chapter is to provide a better understanding of input, output, and productivity trends in China’s agricultural sector during the reform era that began in the late 1970s, with an emphasis on the period 1990-2004.

Indonesia: From Food Security to Market-Led Agricultural Growth

Publication Date: January, 2010

In this chapter, I examine the sources of agricultural growth in Indonesia over the 45 years from 1961 to 2006. I use a growth accounting method to examine how resource expansion, technological improvements, commodity diversification, and human capital contributed to growth in real agricultural output.

The Changing Pattern and Sources of Agricultural Growth in India

Publication Date: January, 2010

We present the main characteristics of Indian agriculture and its changing contribution to India’s national economy.

The Shifting Patterns of Agricultural Production and Productivity Worldwide

Publication Date: January, 2010

In this book we assemble a range of evidence from a range of sources with a view to developing an improved understanding of recent trends in agricultural productivity around the world.

Ex Ante Analysis of the Benefits of Transgenic Drought Tolerance Research on Cereal Crops in Low-income Countries

Publication Date: July, 2009

This article develops a framework to examine the ex ante benefits of transgenic research on drought in eight low-income countries, including the benefits to producers and consumers from farm income stabilization and the potential magnitude of private sector profits from intellectual property rights (IPRs).

Agricultural Productivity in Transition Economies

Publication Date: January, 2009

In this paper we document the changes in agricultural output and productivity, explain how they were affected by a combination of factors, identify four “patterns” of productivity changes, and then relate these patterns to differences in initial conditions and reform policies.

The Production Performance of China's Transforming Agriculture

Publication Date: January, 2009

We describe the productivity trends in the nation’s agricultural sector during the reform era that began in the 1980s, with an emphasis on the period 1995-2005.

A Crop Model Cross Calibration for Use in Regional Climate Impacts Studies

Publication Date: May, 2008

This study examines the performance of CERES-Rice at the regional scale across China using a cross calibration process based on limited experiment data, agroecological zones (AEZ) and 50 km × 50 km grid scale geographical database.