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Paving the Way for Development? The Impact of Transport Infrastructure on Agricultural Production and Poverty Reduction in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Publication Date: December, 2009

Given its vast land resources and favorable water supply, the Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC’s) natural agricultural potential is immense.

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Torrents and Trickles: Irrigation Spending Needs in Africa; Summary

Publication Date: September, 2009

Water for irrigation can be collected in two ways: through large, dam-based schemes, or through small projects based on collection of run-off from rainfall. Both possibilities are considered here.

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Priorities for Realizing the Potential to Increase Agricultural Productivity and Growth in Western and Central Africa

Publication Date: August, 2009

We identify a set of development priorities for agriculture that cut across West Africa, at both the country and the regional level, to achieve economy-wide growth goals in the region.

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Potential of Herbicide-Resistant Rice Technologies for Sub-Saharan Africa

Publication Date: January, 2009

Weed-inflicted yield losses in rice equate to half the current rice imports in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and African rice farmers have a limited range of effective and affordable weed management technologies.

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[Zaire] Recensement General de L'Agriculture 1988-1990, Resultats Definitifs

Publication Date: February, 1991

The main objectives of the survey of agriculture for Zaire, 1988-90 were to report on the number of farms, agricultural population, cultivated area, type of tenure, livestock production, agricultural equipment and major crops.