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Potential Impact of Investments in Drought Tolerant Maize in Africa

Publication Date: January, 2010

Study evaluates the potential impacts of 'Drought Tolerant Maize for Africa' project run by CIMMYT and IITA in 13 sub-Saharan African countries.

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Ex Ante Analysis of the Benefits of Transgenic Drought Tolerance Research on Cereal Crops in Low-income Countries

Publication Date: July, 2009

This article develops a framework to examine the ex ante benefits of transgenic research on drought in eight low-income countries, including the benefits to producers and consumers from farm income stabilization and the potential magnitude of private sector profits from intellectual property rights (IPRs).

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Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey (KIHBS), 2004/05

Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey (KIHBS), 2004/05, Household Questionnaire

Publication Date: January, 2004

This document presents the questionnaire used by the Kenya Ministry of Planning and National Development's Central Bureau of Statistics for the Kenya Integrated Household Budget Survey.