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Cover Hurley HC Working Paper

Weather Risk: How Does It Change the Yield Benefits of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Improved Maize Varieties in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Publication Date: October, 2016

The purpose of this research was to explore how weather risk affects the value of nitrogen fertilizer use and improved seed variety adoption to Sub-Saharan African (SSA) maize farmers.

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Cover Bulletin of Entomological Research

Population Dynamics and Management of Diamondback Moth (Plutella xylostella) in China: The Relative Contributions of Climate, Natural Enemies and Cropping Patterns

Publication Date: April, 2016

The model simulates the phenology and abundance patterns in the population dynamics across the climatic gradient in China reasonably well.

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Cover UNEP Frontiers 2016 Report

Poisoned Chalice: Toxin Accumulation in Crops in the Era of Climate Change

Publication Date: January, 2016

Section Titles: Climate Changes Trigger Accumulation of Toxins in Crops; Contamination Pathways - Implications for Crops, Animals, and People; Remediating Toxic Contamination in Plants and Animals; I

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Global High-Resolution Soil Profile Database for Crop Modeling Applications

Publication Date: October, 2015

One of the obstacles in applying advanced crop simulation models such as DSSAT at a grid-based platform is the lack of gridded soil input data at various resolutions.

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Moving Matters: The Effect of Location on Crop Production

Publication Date: March, 2015

Our new spatial output indexes show that 16 to 21 percent of the increase in U.S. corn output over the 128 years beginning in 1879 was attributable to spatial movement in production.

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Cover Rao Thesis

Essays on Agricultural Production, Risk, and Productivity

Publication Date: February, 2015

This dissertation takes two different research perspectives to address the central theme of agricultural production and productivity.

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Cover World Food Futures to 2050

World Food Futures to 2050

Publication Date: November, 2014

Sustainably feeding the world’s still growing, increasingly richer, more urbanized and overall (but not equally, everywhere) ageing population during the decades ahead will still be a tall order. These projections indicate the task is doable, but by no means is complacency in order.

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AJARE Oct 2014 Cover

A Bounds Analysis of World Food Futures: Global Agriculture Through to 2050

Publication Date: October, 2014

The notion that global agricultural output needs to double by 2050 is oft repeated.

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A Comparative Analysis of Global Cropping Systems Models and Maps

Publication Date: April, 2014

This study aims to explore and quantify systematic similarities and differences between four major global cropping systems products: the dataset of monthly irrigated and rainfed crop areas around the year 2000 (MIRCA2000), the spatial production allocation model (SPAM), the global agroecological zone (GAEZ) dataset, and the M3 dataset developed by Monfreda, Ramankutty, and Foley.

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Cover Atlas of African Ag

Agroecological Zones

Publication Date: January, 2014

Agroecological zones (AEZs) are geographical areas exhibiting similar climatic conditions that determine their ability to support rainfed agriculture.