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South African Agricultural R&D Investments: Sources, Structure, and Trends, 1910-2007

Publication Date: January, 2011

The twentieth century saw substantive shifts in the structure, funding and conduct of public agricultural research and development (R&D) and related regulatory and extension activities in South Africa. Following a long period of steady (and at times quite rapid) growth beginning in the early twentieth century, real spending on public agricultural R&D has essentially flat lined since the 1970s.

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U.S. Agricultural Research in a Global Food Security Setting: A Report of the CSIS Task Force on Food Security

Publication Date: January, 2010

The authors present and evaluate practical policy actions for revitalizing agricultural R&D in the United States and globally to meet global food demand in the face of climate change and other challenges in the decades ahead.

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Exploring Strategic Priorities for Regional Agricultural R&D

Exploring Strategic Priorities for Regional Agricultural R&D Investments in East and Central Africa

Publication Date: July, 2008

Agriculture plays a dominant role in nearly all the countries of East and Central Africa, and many face similar agroecological, climatic, and development challenges.