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[South Africa] Census of Commercial Agriculture, 2007, KwaZulu-Natal: Provincial Statistics for Selected Products

Publication Date: January, 2011

This census survey for KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa includes information on area planted, production and gross farming for field crops and horticulture. It also includes information on animals and animal products.

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[South Africa] Census of Agriculture Provincial Statistics 2002- KwaZulu-Natal: Financial and Production Statistics

Publication Date: January, 2006

This report contains the detailed results of the 2002 Census of Commercial Agriculture for the KwaZulu-Natal, undertaken in the Republic of South Africa.

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[South Africa] Census of Agriculture, 1993, Provincial Statistics, KwaZulu-Natal

Publication Date: January, 1998

This report contains a summary of the results of the Census of Agriculture for the KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa undertaken in respect of 1993.