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Torrents and Trickles: Irrigation Spending Needs in Africa; Summary

Publication Date: September, 2009

Water for irrigation can be collected in two ways: through large, dam-based schemes, or through small projects based on collection of run-off from rainfall. Both possibilities are considered here.

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[South Africa] Census of Agriculture, 1981, Farming Units: Number, Area, Value, Land Utilisation, Irrigation, Employment, Remuneration of Labour and Accomodation; Sensus van Landbour 1981, Boerderyeehede: Getal, Oppervlakte, Waarde, Grondbenutting...

Publication Date: March, 1987

This is the first report in the series of four from the 1981 Agricultural Census for South Africa. It includes data in respect of the number, area and value of farming units, land utilisation, irrigation, employment, remuneration of labour and accommodation for Black, Coloured and Asian employees.