L-R: Liebenberg, Beddow, UP Dept. Head Johann Kirsten, and Pardey

The Collaborative Masters of Agricultural and Applied Economics (CMAAE) program brings together students from 7 African universities. As part of this program, the University of Minnesota, Department of Applied Economics is offering a course on the economics of science and technology policy joint with the Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

University of Minnesota students will join CMAAE students via live teleconferencing. CMAAE is sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and others with the goal of building capacity for policy research and analysis to promote agricultural development in sub-Sahara Africa.

Prof. Philip G. Pardey and Dr. Jason M. Beddow
(International Science and Technology Practice and Policy Center, University of Minnesota)

Dr. Frikkie Liebenberg
(Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development, University of Pretoria)

Course in Brief
This course is designed to impart a working knowledge of economic principles and practices on a range of topics pertaining to science and technology policy. The applied course will bring theory to bear on data, with topics to include:

  • an introduction to the economics of research and development (R&D)
  • evaluating the economic consequences of R&D, including:
    • R&D and the environment
    • the spatial dynamics of agricultural production
    • international R&D spillovers
    • innovation and adoption lags
  • the theory and practice of productivity measurement
  • the economics of intellectual property rights


Univerisity of Pretoria


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May 13, 2013