Tania Yonow

Program Focus

Livestock Pest & Disease Modeling





Tania Yonow is a consultant for HarvestChoice. She obtained both her BSc and PhD in Zoology from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England. Her first two postdoctoral positions were on tick ecology in Africa and the modeling of heartwater, a key livestock disease there. She then went on to work in the field of climate change, and impacts this could have on pests, weeds and diseases.

Most of her modeling work has been done using CLIMEX and DYMEX. She helped write the first CLIMEX User’s Guide, and is now contributing to the current version. She has built CLIMEX models for pathogens, insects and fungi, and has developed and contributed to the development of several insect pest models using DYMEX. Tania’s main interests are in ecology and pest management.