Elizabeth Leake

Program Focus

Outreach & Communication



Elizabeth Leake has more than 20 years of communications, outreach and technology administration experience with public universities. In 2008, she joined the U.S. National Science Foundation’s TeraGrid project, based at Argonne National Laboratory, and served on its senior management team.

TeraGrid was the world’s first federated high performance computing (HPC) project. As its external relations coordinator, Leake led a nationally-distributed team of 18 research communication and outreach specialists. As interagency liaison, she served on planning committees for NSF-supported conferences, and multi-agency initiatives with collaborators from the U.S. Department of Energy and National Institutes of Health. As international liaison, she was U.S. Correspondent for several activities hosted by the European Grid Infrastructure (EGEE/EGI), and the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe (DEISA/PRACE).

Volunteer work led Leake to South Africa in 2012, and in her spare time she continues to advise three advanced cyberinfrastructure and human capital development projects with partners in 16 African nations (Southern African Development Community member-states, and Nigeria). Food security is a leading research priority for Africa, and since Leake was involved with a family-owned farm management business for 20 years, she immediately understood the importance of InSTePP research and its value to society.

Since joining the University of Minnesota, Leake has been contributing to InSTePP’s communications framework and social capital. She hopes to master the art of “omics” translation so she can craft messages that will compel global stakeholders to support a progressive investment in agricultural research and development.