Alison Joglekar

Program Focus

Economic & Spatial Analysis



Alison B. Joglekar is a research associate in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. Her roles include maintaining, enhancing and creating spatial bio-economic models designed to inform practical and policy decisions of governments, food and agribusiness interests, and others. Ali’s research focuses on the spatially-explicit characterization of farming, specifically in sub-Saharan Africa, with an emphasis on the role of markets in the farmers’ production decisions. She received a B.S. in Economics and a B.A. in Business Management from Montana State University; a M.S. in Applied Economics from Montana State University and a Ph.D. in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota. Her Ph.D. dissertation, titled “The Landscape of Farming: An Exploration of Spatial Bio-Economic Characterization Approaches,” cast a critical eye over the nature and empirical plausibility of some key, spatially explicit datasets, including efforts to form spatially granular estimates of the location of crop production, area and yield worldwide; estimates of the proximity of African crop production to markets of varying sizes; and the retail-level prices of key inputs (specifically fertilizer) faced by farmers throughout Tanzania.