The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa works to achieve a food secure and prosperous Africa through the promotion of rapid, sustainable agricultural growth based on smallholder farmers.

AGRA coordinates with African governments and other partners to assemble the critical mass of resources needed to realize the agricultural potential of Africa's breadbasket areas. With a budget of close to US$400 million, as of June 2009 AGRA had approved 116 grants valued at US$83 million in 14 countries. Grantees operate across the agricultural value chain, laying the basis for the kind of comprehensive, integrated change needed by smallholder farmers.

Portfolio Two lays the groundwork for agricultural transformations in a set of nine countries. Work in these countries is to strengthen smallholder productivity, develop staple crop markets and improve market access. It emphasizes flexibility and innovation. AGRA evaluates opportunities to scale up programs, and assess each country‘s readiness to transition to Portfolio One. Determining factors for transitioning include:

  • the level of adoption of improved technologies;
  • the value of agricultural production;
  • a favorable policy environment for success;
  • the percentage of government budget allocated to agriculture;
  • readiness of partners to collaborate within breadbaskets.

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Current AGRA Portfolio Two recipients include Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and Zambia.