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Book Chapter
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Wright, Brian D.; Pardey, Philip G.; Nottenburg, Carol; Koo, Bonwoo
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Evenson, Robert; Pingali, Prabhu
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Handbook of Agricultural Economics, Volume 3, Agricultural Development: Farmers, Farm Production and Farm Markets
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New York, NY


In this chapter we present an overview of the globally evolving structure of funding and performance of agricultural research. This establishes the special nature of agricultural research as a truly joint endeavor of North and South, and of the public and private sectors. We then sketch the economics of intellectual property protection - highlighting static and dynamic models and the effects of competition - and alternative incentives to innovate. A brief list of means that have been used or proposed for protecting intellectual property in agriculture is presented, followed by a discussion of the ongoing global evolution of the intellectual property environment and relevant institutions. Then we discuss instruments that are available for transacting intellectual property rights (IPRs), provide a quantitative view of trends in agricultural intellectual property protection worldwide, and end with a short conclusion.


Series: Handbooks in Economics 18


Wright, Brian D.; Pardey, Philip G.; Nottenburg, Carol; Koo, Bonwoo (2007) "Agricultural Innovation: Investments and Incentives", Elsevier.

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Primary Contact: Philip Pardey
Keywords: Agricultural Research, Intellectual Property Rights, Open Source, Patents, Research, Technological Change, Technological Innovation, Technology