Rethinking Yield Gaps

Publication Date: April, 2015

We clarify the terminology surrounding yield gaps, show that closing yield gaps is not necessarily economic, and conclude that food security will be better served by policies that directly enhance the productive capacity of agriculture to supply affordable food efficiently and sustainably.

The Potential Distribution of Invading Helicoverpa armigera in North America: Is It Just a Matter of Time?

Publication Date: March, 2015

Helicoverpa armigera has recently invaded South and Central America, and appears to be spreading rapidly. We update a previously developed potential distribution model to highlight the global invasion threat, with emphasis on the risks to the United States.

Moving Matters: The Effect of Location on Crop Production

Publication Date: March, 2015

Our new spatial output indexes show that 16 to 21 percent of the increase in U.S. corn output over the 128 years beginning in 1879 was attributable to spatial movement in production.

Cover Rao Thesis

Essays on Agricultural Production, Risk, and Productivity

Publication Date: February, 2015

This dissertation takes two different research perspectives to address the central theme of agricultural production and productivity.

Sustainable Economic Development

Agricultural R&D Policy and Long-Run Food Security

Publication Date: January, 2015

Section Titles: Introduction, Returns to Agricultural R&D, A New World Order for Agricultural R&D Spending, Prices and Productivity: Longer Term Patterns and Prospects, Implications of Alternative Pr

Instepp Brief 2014 Cover

Returns to Food and Agricultural R&D Investments Worldwide, 1958-2011

Publication Date: November, 2014

The apparent disconnect between the evidence of high rates of return and slowing growth in public R&D spending begs the simple, but important question: Why?

Cover World Food Futures to 2050

World Food Futures to 2050

Publication Date: November, 2014

Sustainably feeding the world’s still growing, increasingly richer, more urbanized and overall (but not equally, everywhere) ageing population during the decades ahead will still be a tall order. These projections indicate the task is doable, but by no means is complacency in order.

AJARE Oct 2014 Cover

A Bounds Analysis of World Food Futures: Global Agriculture Through to 2050

Publication Date: October, 2014

The notion that global agricultural output needs to double by 2050 is oft repeated.

AJARE Oct 2014 Cover

Global Food Security - Introduction

Publication Date: October, 2014

This is the introduction to seven papers that look at different aspects of food production, consumption, trade and nutrition.

Cover Mononychellus tanajoa

Mononychellus tanajoa: (Cassava Green Mite)

Publication Date: October, 2014

Section Titles: Background Information, Introduction, Known Distribution, Description and Biology, Host Crops and Other Plants, Potential Distribution

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